How to get on-screen keyboard working on Chromium flatpak?

How to get on-screen keyboard working on Chromium flatpak?

Is this about Gnome’s on-screen keyboard not working properly in Chromium Flatpak or does Chromium bundle its own on-screen keyboard?

I see you’ve already replied in also created #19937.
I’m going to assume this is about Gnome’s on-screen keyboard below.

Can you be a bit more specific about your issue?
Does Gnome’s kb pop up and fail to register any key presses or does it simply not come up altogether?
Does it work as expected in other apps?

To enable the kb in Gnome: Settings > Accessibility > Screen Keyboard

Are you using Wayland and if so does Chromium launch with the Wayland backend or run under XWayland?

Ok, so I’m going to also assume you’re on Wayland, using Flathub’s Chromium, which currently defaults to X11 until upstream decides Ozone is ready.

Try launching Chromium like so and see if it fixes your issue:
flatpak run org.chromium.Chromium --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland

The Wayland socket should already be enabled according to the .yaml manifest.
You may also use this for Ungoogled Chromium and possibly any other somewhat recent Chromium build by substituting the appids.

There’s no convenient way to save these args as Flatpak overrides, but Chromum and Chrome should both read additional launch parameters from ~/.var/app/org.chromium.Chromium/config/chromium-flags.conf and ~/.var/app/ respectively.

Just drop them in like so:
echo "--enable-features=UseOzonePlatform\n--ozone-platform=wayland" >> ~/.var/app/org.chromium.Chromium/config/chromium-flags.conf

edit: Upon actual testing, this does indeed launch Chromium natively, but Gnome’s on-screen keyboard still won’t pop up. :thinking:

This is probably unrelated to Flatpak, have you tried layering Chromium to test this?
Also, does it work as expected under an X session?

Chromium flatpak and Tor flatpak does work in a X session not not in wayland. For firefox flatpak to work has to run
flatpak override --user --socket=wayland org.mozilla.firefox
flatpak override --user --env=MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 org.mozilla.firefox

I already explained how to get Chromium running natively under Wayland, yet Gnome’s on-screen keyboard seems to ignore its input fields anyway.

Therefore, I asked you whether you’ve tested rpm Chromium (by layering it or possibly even through toolbox) and/or whether you’ve also tried this under X11.
Flatpak doesn’t seem to be related to this.

I did not tested rpm Chromium by layering it or through toolbox, I did try under X11 and the on-screen keybroad does work in X11.