Offline dictionary app

Is there good offline dictionary app available with good language support
Any suggestion.

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Did you search the package set?

or via dnf?

$ sudo dnf search dictionary | sed -e '/hunspell/ d' -e '/aspell/ d' -e '/python3/ d'
Last metadata expiration check: 0:20:21 ago on Tue 31 May 2022 09:45:26 BST.
====================== Name & Summary Matched: dictionary ======================
gnome-dictionary.x86_64 : A dictionary application for GNOME
mate-dictionary.i686 : A dictionary for MATE Desktop
mate-dictionary.x86_64 : A dictionary for MATE Desktop
=========================== Name Matched: dictionary ===========================
refmac-dictionary.noarch : Refmac ligand dictionaries
========================= Summary Matched: dictionary ==========================
dictd-server.x86_64 : Server for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT)
eblook.x86_64 : Command-line EB and EPWING dictionary search program
ebview.x86_64 : EPWING CD-ROM dictionary viewer
fantasdic.noarch : Dictionary application using Ruby
goldendict.x86_64 : A feature-rich dictionary lookup program
kakasi-dict.x86_64 : The base dictionary for KAKASI
kasumi.x86_64 : An anthy dictionary management tool
kasumi-common.noarch : Anthy dictionary management common files between kasumi and kasumi-unicode
kasumi-unicode.x86_64 : An anthy-unicode dictionary management tool
ldoce5viewer.noarch : Viewer Application for the Longman Dictionary (LDOCE 5)
mecab-ipadic.x86_64 : IPA dictionary for MeCab
mecab-ipadic-EUCJP.x86_64 : IPA dictionary for Mecab with encoded by EUC-JP
mecab-jumandic-EUCJP.x86_64 : JUMAN dictionary for Mecab with encoded by EUC-JP
ndtpd.x86_64 : Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol server
octave-general.x86_64 : General tools for Octave, string dictionary, parallel computing
perl-DBIx-POS.noarch : Define a dictionary of SQL statements in a POD dialect (POS)
perl-Search-Dict.noarch : Search for a key in a dictionary file
stardict.x86_64 : A powerful dictionary platform written in GTK+2
stardict-dic-hi.noarch : Hindi dictionary for stardict
sugar-words.noarch : A multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis
texlive-lexikon.noarch : Macros for a two language dictionary
words.noarch : A dictionary of English words for the /usr/share/dict directory
xfce4-dict.x86_64 : A Dictionary Client for the Xfce desktop environment


Yes i find it but i was looking for something like this in a offline type Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux
But it is not offline.

I think a lot them use the server, so they’re not offline:

It’s just too huge to download for offline use I guess. I do see that tools like Goldendict say they can use various source formats, so perhaps you can manually download them and use them with Goldendict?

I don’t think as google translate offline mode downloads are less than 50mb most of the times.