Application not translated from Fedora reposity

I installed Silverblue and I noticed that some of the applications are only in english while others are translated (even the system ones)

By installing the same flatpak applications from flathub they are translated. Is there a way to fix the untranslated applications of the official Fedora repositories?

More of a rant than helpful to the discussion, but I wish the Fedora flatpak registry would just go away (except possibly for a couple of applications that are tightly coupled to Fedora itself) and that the installer (Anaconda) would include an Ubuntu-like “would you like to enable a repo containing non-free software” question instead, enabling Flathub. I know there is a licensing problem since Flathub contains non-free software, but I’d much rather this issue was solved than the duplication of effort that happens now - especially when the flatpaks in one of the repos have big problems (I’ve had locale or theming issues with nearly every application, and some don’t even work) and the other doesn’t.

And I think putting the onus on the users to report bugs when the issue is so apparent to everyone that tries them with a GTK theme other than Adwaita or language other than English (i.e. quite a few people), is a bit of a cop-out.


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You have a valid point.
I agree that the registry is not that necessary now that a lot of apps are on Flathub (for an example) but as much as I understood it’s against Fedora’s principles to include anything from “outer sources”…they must make every package themselves to include them to the installation image. Example of this is Firefox browser which has all the necessary codecs included in the Flathub version, not so much in the one from Fedora’s registry…

The thing I personally don’t like is the fact that the installation image size will get larger the more apps they include; they want to make SB very similar to Workstation regarding preinstalled apps.

Anaconda need a lot of work as it is…especially if they add an app selector (which apps to include - this would be very very usefull) or a " minimal" install. It’s really tedious and contraproductive to delete unecessary apps like Font Viewer, Clocks and similar (at least in my case).

Hopefully, the devs can read this and consider it.


it is indeed a bug, it would be nice to report it, I assume this is the good place to do it:

I’ll provide support and lobbying to help this to get this done
the package size argument isn’t valid with langpacks

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