Fedora Registry flatpak applications are not localized/translated

Some official Fedora Flatpaks (i.e. those from registry.fedoraproject.org) are not localized/translated. Most seriously probably simple things like gedit and gnome-calculator.

On the other hand, many applications like e.g. gnome-builder work fine and are localized.


  • Why does this happen?
  • Is this an issue I can report to the flatpak package maintainer? (i.e. in this case just usual Fedora/RedHat Bugzilla.)
  • If so, what to suggest? (After all, I also don’t know how “traditional” packages shipped these translations anyway…)

Fedora 30
German system


Hello there!

I don’t think it’s an issue to report to the flatpak maintainer because normally translations are handed by the Localisation Team. You can let them know the issue but it would be good if you also contact the Localisation team, so they can look into it. It looks to me that there’s an issue loading or installing the localisation packages rather than a lack of translations themselves. AFAIK there aren’t separated localisation files for flatpaks and traditional packages.

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I guess you misunderstood me a little, because

That was my point!
I know these applications actually are translated (after all gedit obviously has these translations). They just were not installed or so?

So e.g. gedit is 100%ly English in my German Silverblue installation.

And I guess this again is a technical issue I can report to those maintainers?
That said, i wanted to ask here how translations are handled in flatpaks, because then I can e.g. check whether they were installed on my system or so.

So are translations for flatpaks shipped as a separate flatpak, inside of the existing flatpak or how does that work?

This is an infrastructure problem - the Fedora Flatpaks are being built by running dnf inside a container, and the standard Fedora container has:

$ cat /etc/rpm/macros.image-language-conf
%_install_langs en_US

so we need to fix that to make our runtimes and RPMs have all the necessary pieces for localization.

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Okay, thanks, indeed if I think about it, I’ve only seen this for Fedora Registry flatpaks. (GNOME Builder e.g. is from Flathub)

So one last question to resolve this properly: Is there any issue/bug/ticket/… where this problem is tracked? So we can follow it and see when it is fixed.

Thanks for mentioning the problem! I think I tracked this down some time in the past, but I had forgotten about it, and had to dig in again to figure it out when I saw your message. I filed:


To track fixing this.

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Thanks, good to know. That said, I obviously cannot follow that request there as an “outsider” (non-Fedora-contributor). (registration page is closed, also seems to be not tied to Fedora’s Account System)

Are you sure that you can’t log in with your FAS account (“log in with OpenID connect”) then watch the project or individual user stories? The project seems to have more watchers (27) than team members (22).

Ah thanks. Okay, it was not obvious to me that the OPenID connect button would use the FAS account/login.