Flatpak apps on Fedora repo are not translated


Recently I noticed that the apps I installed from the Fedora Flatpak repo do not have their interfaces translated to my system language. When I search dash for the name of the apps they are translated.

When I install those same apps - Image Viewer (EoG) and Document Viewer (Evince) for instance - from Flathub they are fully translated.

I don’t know if this a missing feature from Fedora Flatpak repo, a missing runtime, or a bug.

Any ideas?

If this is really a bug where should I report it?


I’m on Fedora Silverblue 30.

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Are you getting the same version off the Fedora repo and off Flathub?

For Flatpaks in the Fedora repos, you will file a bug in the Fedora bugzilla:

Yes, they are both from the stable channels and exactly the same version.

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Please file a bug in that case. The maintainers will know.

I happen to know that this is a known issue. It’s on the Silverblue developer’s blocker list to solve before proposing Silverblue as the Fedora default desktop edition.


So it is true. :open_mouth: Someday in the near future, Silverblue could become the flagship edition.