Flatpak languages and extra-languages


I just ran this command line:

flatpak config       

and got the output:

languages: *unset* (default: fr)
extra-languages: *unset*

I was wondering if it was normal? Shouldn’t Fedora have define something here at installation? (the documentation says this should be set apparently).

It seems consistent with the documentation.

languages - If this key is unset, flatpak defaults to including the extra-languages key and the current locale.

Both items are unset so only your current locale (fr) is listed.

Here’s what I see on a system locale in english plus italian added via flatpak config:

$ flatpak config
languages: en;it (default: en)
extra-languages: *unset*

Do you think this could change the dictionary issue?

I often have applications that I use in both english and french (especially for the job), but as my apps are limited to french only, I get red-underlined words everywhere when I write in english.

Which dictionary issue? You never mentioned it.

Which application is not working correctly? For example, I have Geary installed and I’ve configured two dictionaries (english and italian): the spell check automatically detects the language I’m using and marks only the real errors for each language.

Yep, sorry, it’s just that I made the link between this “unset” config values and maybe the fact that the spellchecker only works for one dictionary (and I can’t change it). I have the problem on Teams and Slack