Oddity with file widget (Fedora 36)

After upgrading to F36 the gtk file widget (say Google Chrome or OpenSCAD) is acting oddly.
When I try to save a file I can pick and choose a file to overwrite but if I want a new name, whenever I type, the text is treated as a search not as the new file name. (here for example, I click on the name edit box but when I type the text goes into the search box (unless I re-click on the name edit box after every letter). Is this a setting issue or is something else broken?

---- update
This seems to be related to the Cinnamon desktop. The behavior in Gnome is normal.

This has caught me before, too. See "Name: " right above the search bar? If you click there and input the filename, it should let you change it. Sometimes focus goes off of that and it will default to search instead of filename and it is indeed annoying and confusing when you’re not expecting it.

Yes, I click in the ‘Name’ area and after typing one character, focus goes back to the search box and the rest of the typing goes there. I have to type one character, click the ‘name’ box and repeat this for every character. I only see this problem with the Cinnamon desktop but both Cinnamon and Gnome should use the same gtk4 widget (after all the application (Chrome etc) shouldn’t change with the desktop).

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