Issue in gnome 42 dialog file chooser, preview image before upload



Recently fedora was updated to version 36 and gnome 42, and with this update comes some issues:

1.- When I select an image from firefox to upload it to any website, it correctly shows me a preview of the image, however, this does not happen if I use any other browser, I would like all browsers to have the preview.

2.- When selecting files to upload them to any web site, the file selection dialog window (file chooser) does not get the cursor focus automatically, it is necessary to click on the file selection window (dialog file chooser).


    • When uploading a file from firefox, for example from the path ~/Downloads/Folder1 to facebook for example, if I go to another website, for example zippishare, automatically, when I select files to upload, it opens the path ~/Downloads/Folder1, that is, it saved me the last path from where a file was selected to upload, this functionality in firefox is perfect, this is how it has always worked in my computer, however after the update, in all the other browsers they open by default the folder ~/Downloads, I uninstalled and reinstalled them, and still the same thing happens. Previously in fedora 35 it worked correctly.

4.- When I press Ctrl+o and open any file to upload or simply to visualize, the file selection window changes size, in each open and close, the size of the window is bigger, I tried to set a default size with dconf, but it did not work.


I don’t know if any of you have the same problem, or have noticed it, but they are some functions that I personally find useful, and save time in searching for files, or to be doing one more click.

Thank you very much, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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