Show an larger image preview when opening pictures (using Ctrl+o)


do you know an extension or app to show a larger image preview when opening a picture in “Open file window”?
For example when I want to upload a picture in my browser to share it on instagram I can only see a little image preview on the right side. Is there a way to get this image preview larger?
Gnome-sushi is installed but only works in Files, not in Open-file-dialog

Thank you

Using Fedora 35 with Gnome 41.1
4K screen, scaled to 200%

I think you’re running into a long standing issue with the gtk file chooser

Unfortunately I’m not sure if there is a way to work around it.


oh, a 17 years old wish :slight_smile:
Thanks for telling me that site. It’s no big think, but I would be very useful. My girlfriend (windows user) always hates my system for some seconds when she wants to post some images to an social network :smiley:

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One other option might be to give the kde spin a go.


Another option, may be you could change the flows how to upload an image on media social by using grad and drop file. I believe this ability to drag and drop are commonly supported on media socials site on any major browser.

Let say on Nautilus Gnome, you could browse the folder containing the images, change preview to thumbnail, then press ctrl + mouse scrolling to change the thumbnail size, and after satisfied which image want to upload, drag and drop it on social media pop up dialog to upload image.


No, that’s no really option. KDE might be a good DE but I like Gnome and it gives me (almost) all I need :smile:

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Thanks for that hint with the drag and drop. We will test it next time.

Regarding your second section: you can not cntr+scroll in File-Opening dialog. There is just one view.

That’s true. What I means is ctrl+mouse scroll on normal opened Nautilus.

By the way, I also have KDE installed on my laptop. On Kde it have same behavior with Gnome on file browser dialog.


I just did update my Fedora KDE spin and found files mentioning GTK. Maybe it also possible Fedora KDE spin maintainer using GTK as file picker and that is why the file picker on KDE spin for me it’s identical with Workstation (Gnome).


Ok, so on KDE would give the same experience with that problem.
Thank you.

Thanks, good to know.


I have the same problem, with the file chooser files.

And i have other problem, when i ctrl-o for upload files, the dialog file chooser not get the focus cursos, it’s necesary to click over.

And other problema i have, its the browsers not save last path from upload a file, always open Downloads path for select a file.

Hi @ferb What browser do you use?


All browser based on chromiun not working, only firefox work.

Then, when a select many files from file chooser, only select last list items selected when press enter, but if a use the buttón Open, then select all

Here I tried to reproduce the error:

  • If I select 2 or more items, and press enter, only the last item is selected.
  • However, if I select more than 2 items, and use the open button, then it does select both items.