NVidia and AMD GPU drivers on Silverblue?


I’m currently running Silverblue 28 in a Virtual Machine Manager VM on an Arch Linux host. I want to switch over to Silverblue on the host if I can get the NVidia and AMD drivers to work. My workstation has an AMD “Sea Islands” card and my laptop has an NVidia 1050 Ti. Will I be able to get those working on Silverblue 28? If not, how about Silverblue 29?


I tried to install Nvidia driver on my Silverblue 28 workstation using a SPC (Super Privileged Container). I downloaded the driver, installed dependencies in container but couldn’t unload the nouveau kernel module from the host.


NVidia is a lower priority than AMD. The workstation is AMD and I don’t mind a fair amount of instability. Plus most of the AMD stuff is in the mainline kernel; the only piece that I need to get from AMD is OpenCL.

NVidia is on the laptop, which is dual-booted Windows 10 Pro and Arch Linux. There I want stable more than containers. :wink: In fact, I might just put it up on Fedora 28 Workstation just so I have similar environments if the NVidia pieces work without much hassle.


We’ve been tracking this issue in the upstream rpm-ostree repo:

The short answer is that we don’t have a good solution for the AMD/NVidia driver story.

@jdoss did some interesting work to get the wireguard module working on Atomic Host/Silverblue; his work might be useful towards finding a solution for the AMD/NVidia problem:


Sounds like the best approach would be Fedora Workstation on the (NVidia) laptop and Silverblue on the (AMD) workstation, since the AMD code is all native in the kernel except for OpenCL, which is a binary. And maybe Clover works now?? :wink: