Not receiving notifications about comments in followed posts


today I noticed that I got a few comments on my blogpost, but didn’t received any notification to my e-mail.
I looked at my wp-admin page and when I click the messages button, it remains stuck on loading.

Is this a known issue? Or maybe I’m missing something.

Hmm. I’m not enough of a WordPress expert to know why this is happening. I thought it was fixed. :disappointed: @bex mentioned this before too.

@bcotton, are you more savvy with WordPress than me to know why this is happening?

Hm. Looks like the previous fix no longer works or didn’t quite fix the glitch.

I’m looking at the account in the WordPress dashboard and I see an email set. That’s about the extent of my expertise here, unfortunately.

Thanks for digging @bcotton. I think this works correctly on the Magazine so we can follow up with @pfrields or @ryanlerch to see if there are any key configuration differences.

@jwf I can confirm that the notifications are working in Fedora Magazine.

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