No working screencast or recording program for Fedora 33 / 34

All existing programs to make a screen recording do not work, have errors, are not maintained or I cannot find them. Gnome shell extensions for recording are without maintainer. Peek is not working under Wayland, Easy screen recording does not work for me.
Does anybody know a screen recording program for Fedora 33 / 34 with Gnome?


You can try OBS Studio

There is explained how to install it from rpm-fusion.

This is probably the free reference software for screen recording and streaming.
To understand the conzept and abilities, best have a look at youtube videos explaining OBS-Studio, like this for example:

@huben Thanks for your answer. OBS is overwhelming for me. I only need to capture typing of some text to illustrate a little lesson on command line editing. OBS is way too complex to this end.
Thanks again.

There is asciinema for recording terminal sessions but it does not produce a video file, you need some other tool for it (for example: GitHub - asciinema/asciicast2gif: Generate GIF animations from asciicasts (asciinema recordings)). Or you can upload recorded sessions to and share the link.


You are welcome.
However, if you don’t find a tool what suit your needs, just give the OBS-Studio a second chance.
It is not so complicated and difficult to master than it looks like. Yes it has a lot of abilities, but one doesn’t nned to use them all.
In fact the default scene should already be set up with the first start. If you don’t need audio, you probably can capture your screen right away. Per default you’ll find your videos in your home directory.

There is a key shortcut to record your screen on Gnome : ctrl + alt + shift + R . You need to type it to start and later to stop the recording.


You might try simplescreenrecorder, available through rpmfusion, but it might not work with Wayland: Main page - SimpleScreenRecorder - Maarten Baert's website

There is green-recorder which supports Wayland but might take a bit more effort to install since it’s not in one of the main repos (though it is in rpmsphere): GitHub - damianmoore/green-recorder: A simple screen recorder for Linux desktop. Supports Wayland & Xorg

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right. the easiest thing to do is to log in under an gnome x session and use simplescreenrecorder.

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