No Wifi after installing Nvidia drivers

Hello. After installing nvidia drivers from rpmfusion WiFi stopped working, there is no WiFi option available (looks like driver didn’t load). Uninstalling nvidia drivers restores loading WiFi. Can anyone help?

My specs:
Lenovo Legion 5, RTX 3060, Realtek RTL8852AE, Fedora 37, Secure boot disabled, fast boot disabled

I’m pretty novice to all of this, but from what I’ve been able to read about how all these things come together…is it possible that your kernel version has gotten out of whack with installed packages in some way? (Like, was F37 a clean install from an ISO - which I believe has a 5.19 kernel version - or an upgrade from a likely later kernel on F36?)

And have you tried the NVIDIA forums too? Seems like some similar issues have cropped up, at least for the person making the linked post, on Ubuntu as well with the same card as you, so it may be something broader with how that driver works for that specific card?

A few potentially critical questions.

  1. Where did you install the nvidia driver from? Directly from nvidia or from rpmfusion?
  2. What version of the nvidia driver is installed? If installed from rpmfusion then dnf list installed *nvidia* will answer that.
  3. Is fedora fully updated? sudo dnf upgrade --refresh