No start after upgrading from Fedora 28 to 30

I upgraded from Fedora 28 to 30. Before that I had to free space on /root. Upgrade went fine, but now computer won’t boot. OS seems to load, then, with 30, Dell logo appears, with 28, it says ‘waiting to finish boot’ and stays there. Almost certainly it’s not the upgrade, but something I removed when making space on disk. Is there anything I might try while I order and wait for an installation dvd?

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You should probably save time and simply install the latest stable release.
Use a USB flash drive if possible and follow the official documentation:
Preparing for Installation :: Fedora Docs

I don’t have a device on which to prepare installation media, I’ve ordered an installation dvd, but it will take some days.
Tried again to boot v28, it stops after it says ‘started command scheduler’, not sure if I can do anything if I boot the emergency copy and log in as root, or another way - any ideas?