No "open with" in the context menu of flatpak dolphin

There is no “open with” in the context menu of flatpak dolphin. Installing it in a distrobox does not yield the same result.

How can I add “open with” to the context menu to flatpak dolphin?

I switched from atomic GNOME to atomic KDE. Now I switched back to atomic GNOME and the problem is still persistent. There is nothing useful in the settings or .config/dolphinrc .

There’s no way for a sandboxed file manager to display a list of apps in a context menu; it doesn’t know anything about other apps on the system. All it can do is use the OpenURI portal and set ask = true for the ‘Open With’ action. This is how the flatpak version of Nautilus works (in gnome-nightly). Dolphin apparently isn’t doing that.

Flatpak is not really well-suited for a file manager anyway.

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Meaning, the user has to layer dolphin on top of the base system for basic file operation, or use gnome’s nautlilus.