How to show the video thumbnails in Flatpak Dolphin in Kinoite?

Normally, Dolphin comes out of the box in Kinoite. I installed ffmpegthumbs. Video thumbnails are there after that no problem with this but I installed Dolphin as a flatpak so no longer seen the video thumbnails so how can I active this? Is there a way or should I just layered dolphin?

Thanks for the report. This is most likely an issue in Dolphin Flatpak from Flathub. Please file an issue at Issues · flathub/org.kde.dolphin · GitHub.

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You can also just use the version of Dolphin that is part of the base image. It’s mostly never going away.

Thanks for the answer. Yes for now, I am using it right now. It is not seen the apps menu, but if I write dolphin than seen as a command line in the menu.