Fedora 37 video file thumbnails

Hello, windows user just coming over to Linux, in windows if you have a video file in a folder the video file shows as a clip from the file, I have the cinnamon desktop and cannot find out how to do this on linux.


Assuming you’re using nemo
Under file management preferences Display, you’ll want to set show thumbnails to Yes or local files only
You will also want to set Only for files smaller than to something large enough to support the video files.

You will also need to install ffmpegthumbnailer. You may need to enable rpmfusion repositories to do that. Configuration - RPM Fusion
sudo dnf install ffmpegthumbnailer
You will probably need to close and re-open nemo for them to be displayed.

FYI, for mine to display I had to delete

~/.cache/thumbnails close and re-open the file manager.

Hi Joe, I only get a couple of thumbnails for my videos, like 2%. I installed ffmpeg and ffmpegthumbnailer but they still don’t show. Do you have any further idea? Thanks