Dolphin File Manager doesn't show video and photo thumbnails in Samba Shares [NAS]

Hey guys. Hope you are fine. I am using Fedora Kinoite. kio-extras and ffmpegthumbs, kffmpegthumnailer also installed. All the dolphin settings are true but still can’t see thumbnails of photo, video and pdfs as well. Also I am connected through wire not wireless. Normally in the past, I fixed this by installing ffmpegthumbs but it is not working right now.

However, it is working for local files perfectly. I have problems with samba share [smb://…] which is also located nearby. I used Silverblue before and no issues with Nautilus. Should I just layer nautilus or is there a fix or suggestion? By the way I tried both X11 and Wayland.

Thank you very much.

Hi, would you like to check in “Dolphin Preferences” → Select “General” → then select tab “Previews”. On the buttom, make sure the “Skip previews for remote files above:” have same setting with “local files” or you can specify the limit sizes.

@oprizal I already did that but still can not see the thumbnails.

Anyways, I temporarily installed nautilus as a layer package until the problem fixed.

@oprizal Unfortunately I tried Dolphin, Nautilus and Krusader and none of them showing thumbnails at samba shares and I am not sure this because of our NAS or Kinoite or File Manager related. In Windows, my friends are facing no problem.

I search on internet, and found this. Maybe you want to read all the discussions there and give tries some solutions offered there.

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@oprizal Thanks. I will do these instructions and see what will happen.

@oprizal I fixed it. It is really easy. Just layer smb4k package. Restart and use smb4k to mount the shares in samba. After that the shares will show up in the file managers menu. Just use the smb4k ones not the original ones than when you check you will see all thumbnails :slightly_smiling_face: