No Internet connection after upgrading to Fedora 31


I was wondering if somebody else came across with the following bug in Fedora 31. I hadn’t got any issue when connecting to Internet until Fedora 31. As soon as it was released, I rushed to upgrade the distribution. After rebooting, to my surprise, I had lost the Internet connection. I suspected that it would be a kernel issue, and so it was. Fortunately, I was able to reboot with the last kernel upgrade in Fedora 30 and the Internet connection was restored. Subsequent kernel upgrades didn’t solve the issue, so I have to stick to kernel 5.3.7 with no possibilities to upgrade to the latest. I filled a bug in Red Hat Bugzilla (1768129 – kernel 5.3.7-301 fails to connect to Internet), but nobody has given a response to me yet.


PS: I’m talking about a WIRED connection.

Put manually your IPV4 config

Hello davidva.

I can’t do what you say by two reasons:

  1. I can’t configure a connection that doesn’t exist. You can check by the screenshots that I attached to the ticket in Bugzilla that the connection doesn’t appear in the Configuration > Network dialog box:
  2. Although the connection appeared in the dialog box, I’m behind a router that acts a DHCP server, so all the devices in my local home network (computer, smartphones, smart TV, etc.) are assigned dynamic IPs.
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No, isn’t magic or witchcraft … Open a terminal.


  • With your phone (android) extract a valid IP changing the final two numbers, also put the netmask…

Great davida! It worked! I didn’t know nm-connection-editor app. I assigned the IP to my computer, which is the IP that my router often assigns to it. At first nothing happened, but after rebooting the connection was established. I could even modify it to a dynamic assignment, just as it had been so far. Nonetheless, it’s a bug.

Thank you very much!


A bug present since F31 alpha… beta and yet in F31 stable… is bad, inclusive I considered a potential blocker for a distro stable… Is as the changes in wpa_supplicant who obligateme to build my own wpa_supplicant, for a feature not enabled by default; and brakes my wifi broadcom. There are things should maintains for compatibilty and stability. :frowning_face:

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