Night light not working properly

Hello everyone!

This is actually my first post on the Linux community :slight_smile:

I’ve choosen Fedora as my first distro. Tried some other but something just gravitates me towards this one, haha.

So, to the issue…

If you guys could help me i’m having this weird problem with the night light on the display settings. Everytime i enable it, it stays on for some seconds (2 or 3s) and automaticaly the screen goes back to normal settings(even tough the slider stays ON).

I’m using the NVIDIA 340.108 Linux driver in my NVIDIA Quadro FX3800. My PC is an old workstation.

I searched the internet this problem but did not find anyone with it… maybe someone could help me? Sorry for not attaching logs or giving more info, if it is needed please instruct me how to do so.

Thanks in advance!

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Just giving an update here in case somebody ever comes across this issue.

After logout and login back again the issue seems to be solved…



Thank you, I’m glad it works after a logout and login. Was beginning to tear my hair out trying to find a solution. I’m just wondering why it doesn’t work upon initial boot…