Night Light stopped working + wrong screen Refresh rate

im having 2 problems
the first one is nightlight stopped working screenshot provided!

the second one fedora 31 is not detecting prober refresh rate of laptop screen
i have dual monitors the external monitor refresh rate is fine (60hz)
but the internal display has (59.96 or 60.05) but not 60HZ



However :fedora: 31 is still beta (even if we are close to the final release). So it is better to report bugs and issues to the QA team or file bugs on bugzilla. In this way we have more canches that such issues will be seen by developers and addressed.
Thanks. ?
shall comment that i have the same problem there?

Sure. Even if, as you can see, the bug was already confirmed.

And as you can see as well, there is now an update for gnome-shell and mutter that should address that bug.
You could test these updates and look if they actually solve the issue. If yes give karma to them on bodhi
Please note: right now these updates have not yet been pushed to the repository, but if you are impatient, you can download them from koji (look at the Builds link in the page).

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i can confirm the update fixed Night light
however it have raised a new issue , which is Wake after locking the screen
when on dual monitor one the non-primary screen stays black only.!

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Write a comment on the bug report! :+1:

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i grapped Nvidia drivers from RPM fusion. ( i was waiting for that since a month )
and it is now fine. seems the problem was with the old video driver.

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