Nextcloud and kwallet

I tried to use Nextcloud via the package nextcloud-client on Fedora 30 KDE but it’s a mess, probably because I’ve got something screwed up with kwallet. I’ve given up on making kwallet work with software and anyway the stuff that actually does work with kwallet is a lot more sensitive than my Nextcloud password and I’d prefer not to have to type the kwallet password on every logon.

Is it possible to make it keep the login details in cleartext somewhere instead of trying to mess with the kwallet?

  The Nextcloud docs:

Linux users must also have a password manager enabled, such as GNOME Keyring or KWallet, so that the sync client can login automatically.

  So, try to delete a KWallet, and see if it's acceptable (and if it prompts for password at all).  Try installing a gnome-keyring, maybe it's works in KDE too.
  About plain-text password, see this:  nextcloud's command line usage (nextcloud’s docs; .netrc :).  One may create something like cron-job (the command syncs once a invocation).

I’d remove kwallet, but I don’t want to break the program that uses it successfully.

The most annoying thing is that on every it pops up at PC startup and whether I input the kwallet password or not I get a dozen Nextcloud password prompts and it opens my browser with the grant permission screen, deleting my tabs from the previous session. I’ve uninstalled Nextcloud because of this.

Re: gnome-keyring, it seems I’ve already got that installed, although I don’t know how to access it on KDE.

I had also problems under Kubuntu when I had an automatic login enabled. There it helped me to select explicitly select Firefox as standard webbrowser application.