New Ask Fedora site icons are here!

When using Android Firefox reading this thread, when I am pushing up, the centre of the icon changes from white to black.

When pulling down, it changed from black to white.


Because they are different files. Someone isn’t aware of the rules haha

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Well, in this case it was the person who designed the icons, so… in some sense, their rules. :slight_smile:

Hahahaha come on… Let’s break the rules then and make it transparent :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, we’ve updated the dark mode icons. Let us know what you think!

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Now it’s how you said it should be :+1:. No inconsistency :grinning:


The icon is more consistent now.

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a bit more on the clever side.

it seems like an apostrophe, an exclamation mark, a question mark & a text / speech bubble

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