OMG we have more reaction icons now!

Hey wow! I missed the announcement, but it looks like Discourse has enabled the Reactions Beyond Likes plugin for our hosting plan. I’ve turned it on and added a set that makes sense to me.

Hover over the heart icon to see your options:


I'm open to suggestions for more (or for fewer) or for better art. We could also change the default from "heart" to something else, if we want.

Hi @mattdm , what is the intended use of these reactions? What are the benefits?

I think it was just fine the way it was… you can like a post (:heart: ) or you don’t but i really don’t see any need to react with a question mark or a :slight_smile: or any other “emotion” to a post.

I would try to keep the forum as objective as possible and remove all the noise being created by the additional emotions.

Wonder why other regular users think, I personally, would clearly vote for “undo change”

I don’t see the harm in having them. It’s just keeping up with trends on other social platforms. I think the newer generation expects more ways to express reactions. It certainly is pretty unobtrusive, so easy to ignore for those who don’t find any value in it.

There’s no problem with these reactions, just this is an enthusiast forum for Fedora Linux users so I don’t see why it would have to compete with other social platforms.

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Discourse is used a lot of places and they have to keep up with what most users like. This is not aimed at us, just a byproduct of keeping up with demand.

The heart is easily understood as ‘like’ as is thumb up, the idea bulb, a smile, the confetti horn, and 100%. I am not so sure I would interpret the question or the fedora logo that way.

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I think all the available reactions should be different ways to indicate “I like this post.” This is because, to get to these reactions, we must first click the :heart: button. The tool-tip for the heart button is “Like this post.”

With this approach, I’d know that a bunch of reaction icons means that post was liked, at a glance. I wouldn’t need to study each indvidual icon.

The Fedora Logo and❓don’t fit this pattern. They don’t mean “I like this post.”

I presume :question: means “I have a question about this post,” but that’s better handled by posting the actual question as a reply.

I’m borderline on the Eureka.

Maybe add rocket :rocket:. Maybe add eyes :eyes: — meaning watching with interest.

Well, mostly I think there fun. They’re fun for me, at least! But in think they have a likely benefit, too, which is to increase engagement.

Yeah, I definitely did not want to have downvote or negative options.

I disagree about the logo — I think it basically in this context means “yay Fedora!”. But I see your point about the question mark.

It still kind of feels useful as a non-mean way to express that you’ve got questions about a topic or reply (or don’t understand it or otherwise think it’s unclear) … but maybe it’s not a good idea. What does everyone else think?

Ooh, rocket :rocket: is good.

But as the parent of two Gen-Z teenagers, those eyes :eyes: might mean “this post says some weird or bad thing and I am staying away from it and casting side-eye in its direction.”

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@mattdm OK, I’m in for the Fedora Logo reaction now. Regarding eyes, I know github has eyes as one of the available eight reaction icons on their issues, but I may have been wrong when I guessed its meaning — perhaps it depends on the norms of the particular social network.

I don’t think it’s so much wrong as just… meanings and connotations change. I can definitely see the way those particular eyes look a little skeptical, at least as rendered in a lot of emoji sets, and maybe even changing norms. I mean, look at the use of :slight_smile: as explained in this article. That’s what lead me to make the :classic_smiley: option here. No one can take that away from us, right? :classic_smiley:

Especially if you’re from the dial in generation with your 56K modem, and your text based chat app ;-)