OMG we have more reaction icons now!

Hey wow! I missed the announcement, but it looks like Discourse has enabled the Reactions Beyond Likes plugin for our hosting plan. I’ve turned it on and added a set that makes sense to me.

Hover over the heart icon to see your options:


I'm open to suggestions for more (or for fewer) or for better art. We could also change the default from "heart" to something else, if we want.

Topics for discussion:

  1. Someone on Ask mentioned that everything was positive but the :question: reaction. Should we consider removing that? I think it’s useful but I see the point.
  2. Should we make the heart less generic?
  3. Should we add some other reactions? I can see :rocket: and a +1, perhaps.
  4. And yes, I definitely should submit this to Design Team for better drawings than the ones I made. :slight_smile: