Can we have back the light blue question mark Icon for the category Ask?

Screenshot from 2023-03-05 14-43-57

I don’t know why we changed color now? (the site help is allready a kind of green)

If possible to distinguish a bit from general discussion, would it be possible to have the light blue colors in ASK category?

This dark blue reminds me a bit on a upcoming thunder storm :blush:

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Yes, we definitely should bring that logo back. I’m waiting on some enhancements to the Discourse feature that allows attaching icons to categories. Right now, they need to be from Font Awesome rather than arbitrary icons.

On the colors — I think it’s good to have some distinction between Ask Fedora and Project Discussion — I don’t think they should both be the same blue. But I’m not sure what they should be.

My plan is to ask the Design Team for help in rethinking the overall color structure (and possibly icons once that’s possible). But I was waiting for some of the other things to settle down first. :classic_smiley: