NetworkManager sends packets when idle mode

I used nethogs to see which applications connects to internet when laptop is idling.

I realised that, when laptop is idling (all applications / browser etc closed) NetworkManager still sends packets to somewhere.

HTTP GET Request to :

It looks official site but I don’t want any program send packets while idling.
Is there a way to deactive this connection?


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You should be able to stop this by removing the following package:

sudo dnf remove NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora

First of all, thank you so much for answer & solution.

May it cause a problem if I remove it?

The second question: why should it check connectivity?

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Theoretically, yes, however practically this depends on your workflow, and most likely the potential issues aren’t critical if any.


Thank you so much again for this detailed answer.
I think I will leave it, won’t remove.

But still wondering about issues.
My workflow is: I use laptop only browsing internet, Microsoft Teams and programming (python).
So if I remove, will it cause any problem?

When laptop is idle mode, all apps closed so I think removing connectivity-check shouldn’t make an issue right? If yes, I will remove

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According to the description, it should be mostly useful on laptop/mobile devices which dynamically connect the internet via different networks, some of those may be restricted such as captive portals or Wi-Fi hotspots, so removing it should be okay if your use case is unrelated to that.

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I use this laptop only in my home, so I guess removing connectivity check is okay for me.
Sorry for taking your time with these small questions but it was important for me.

Thank you so much for all these answers, have a great day :slight_smile:


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