Ethernet icon showing always connected

fedora 35
minimal gnome installed with fedora everything iso
gnome-shell gnome-terminal nano firefox is all that is installed
the ethernet icon always shows connected
even when there is no internet
even when i reboot the router
i power on the desktop & the router at the same time
fedora has booted up & the ethernet icon shows connected while the router is still offline

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Check when you are able to reproduce the problem:

nmcli general status; nmcli connection show

By the way, this is a known issue for some connection types like WireGuard.


The symbol that indicates connectivity doesn’t mean your are connected to the internet. It just means you have a valid IP address and you are communicating with some router. It could easily be a home or office network (IPs provided by a DHCP server/router or static setup) without any connection to the outside world at all.

When you turn off your router (turning off, not reboot), the symbol look different, correct?

Is this an installation on bare metal or in a VM?


please elaborate what you want me to check.

nmcli general status
connected full enabled disabled enabled enabled

nmcli connection show
ethernet 12074xx7-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-d1eexxxxa900 ethernet enp2s0

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bare metal if i understand the term correctly.
on the internal hdd.

Hello @32and64 ,
The icon in Gnome for the network connections, if wired will be show up normal whenever there is a valid IP address as stated by @augenauf, the wireless connection will show signal bars once it has a valid IP on the network. AFAIK there is no direct indication that you are connected to the internet.

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The output looks normal.
Restarting the router typically doesn’t reset the current IP for wired connections.
NetworkManager periodically checks connectivity and changes the icon/status if it is restricted.

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sudo dnf install NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora
sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Tree - rpms/NetworkManager -

Note that the default time interval for checking connectivity is 300 seconds, which is 5 minutes.
If you want to check more often, the time interval need to be adjusted like this:

sudo tee /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-connectivity.conf << EOF > /dev/null
sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service
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no luck

everything in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf is hashed out
is that normal / ok?

:cowboy_hat_face: you’re the man :sunglasses:

that did it.
tried & tested it by uninstalling then re-installing, rebooting the desktop & the router one by one just to be double sure.
when i was searching for solutions i came across the NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora package but it was on a redhat page so i was not sure if it would be applicable with fedora & i did not want to mess up nothing so i was hesitant.

restarting NetworkManager.service did not do it, it needed system reboot to take effect.

if there are any other ethernet / lan / wired network related dependency / package which are critical please update me.

thanks a ton.

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if i power off the router or pull out the lan cable the ethernet icon vanishes.

after installing NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora when i reboot the router sometimes i see a question mark on the ethernet icon sometimes it stay solid connected.

when i power on the desktop along with the router i now get a question mark on the ethernet icon till the router connects online & once connected the question mark is replaced with a solid ethernet icon which mean i have internet & that is exactly what i needed.

On a VPN it’s always like this :


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