Nemo doesn't show in application list

I have installed nemo: sudo dnf install -y nemo.

But it does not show up in the application list. Not even after a reboot.

Fedora Workstation 36 on Wayland.

I think this is because both nautilus and nemo use the name Files in their desktop file (check /usr/share/applications for the desktop files), so only one of them is shown. You’ll need to create yourself a new desktop file with a different name for both to show—you can copy the desktop file from nemo, tweak the name, and place it in ~/.local/share/applications. (or you can remove nautilus, that should also work)

Even though this is technically a conflict, I wouldn’t think of this as a bug because nemo is meant for use on cinnamon and so is integrated with other tools there. I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask all DEs to not use “Files” because one DE has already “taken it”.

I hate the use of generic names for software, like “Files” for nautilus, “Document Viewer” for evince, “Image Viewer” for eog, etc.

Just call it with their names.

You’re free to have your opinion, but there are advantages of having generic names. People who are not software savvy will not know that they need to use nautilus to open their file browser, so Files is a much better fit. It’s about improving both visibility and accessibilty—new users cannot be expected to find applications by name.