Nautilus crashes when using its search function


Nautilus are crashing 50% of the time when using its search function. Anyone else experienced that or may have a solution to it?

The bug report output says:

From the terminal Nautilus Segmentfaults error

11066 segmentation fault (core dumped)  nautilus

I can not confirm the error.
Your Fedora 38 is fresh install or not?

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Try reproducing the issue under a new user with default profile settings.

I am using F38 WS, I cannot get nautilus to crash, but I do have lots of ram. I even went so far as to search for the letter ‘e’, it took forever. But didn’t crash. Perhaps try what @vgaetera suggests and create a user to test whether this happens to a minimal user account too.

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It was an upgrade from F37. Okay I’ll create a new user and see how it goes.

I have plenty of RAM 32 GB.

OKay. I created a new user and the search function doesn’t crash nautilus. So where do I go from here? Move all my stuff to another account, clean install or is there some config/settings files that need to be cleaned?

EDIT: I deleted nautilus’ config files and settings files in ~/.config and ~/.local/share
Seems to work now without crashing. I’ll mark this thread solved.

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The best solution is clean install.
As for me, I never performed OS upgrade.