Nautilus 43.beta.1 not previewing files on pressing spacebar


After upgrading to F37 with GNOME 43, I cannot preview files using the spacebar button in Nautilus anymore. The files highlight just appears and disappears.

However, manually running sushi /path/to/file still previews the file correctly.

Anyone else having the same issue?

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Good catch. I took a quick look and it seems that nobody else has reported that on Fedora’s or GNOME’s issue trackers.
Could you file a bug?

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Here’s the obligatory note that F37 is not yet a released version of Fedora. To discuss pre-release versions, please use the QA team’s channels:

It’s fine to discuss pre-released versions here, but you’re more likely to get up to date information on them with the QA team, since their job is to test these on a regular basis.

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