My Windows won't recognize my Fedora 35 in dual boot


I just installed Fedora 35 in dual boot with my already installed Windows 10, but it happens that when I boot up my computer it immediately starts Windows and no grub is shown. I also tried to boot from the boot selector from the bios itself, but no drive other than Windows is shown here.

What should I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Turn of fast boot mode
And selete boot priority with fedora grub instead of windows bootloader.

The fedora grub is not shown on the boot priority

You just installed fedora and say it was done as dual boot. We need a lot more info to know if the install was done correctly for dual boot.

While booted to the the live install device please provide us some info.

  1. the output of fdisk -l
  2. the output of efibootmgr
  3. Describe how you did the install, in detail please, so we can tell if there may be some step that was missed or done incorrectly while doing so.

Adding to @computersavvy Can show us the bios images
Open your bios and show us images of your boot splash screen and another is boot priority 1st boot option tap that and and show how many options there are.

Can you posting Boot priority in BIOS like see my SS below?, fastboot enabled is ok. I Installed fedora dual boot windows 10, grup installed in EFI windows partition. I installed fedora and windows in single harddrive.

As i can see you have not disabled fast boot see above. And select fedora and you can safely disable other boot options
And f10 enter see it shoud boot into grub and fedora.
And what is the new boot option there i can see can you send a screenshot of that after you have done all above that i told you do so.

Firstly shutdown win 10 properly like shift + shutdown and after that when you boot your system press shift button to show up grub menu

Disabling fast boot does that.
And the topic title that you have written is wrong i am not changing it but remember windows never recognize anything even a older versionvof windows like if you have install windows 7 and windows 10 you will never be avail to boot into 7. So your fedora install will recognize your other os and add them to boot grub if you want to say that then let me know i will change it. Or you even can do it.