Minimal DVD ISO of CentOS Stream 9

Can someone please advise where I can get a minimal DVD ISO of CentOS Stream 9? I do have a regular ISO, but I can not burn it to a 8.5 GB DVD (I get the message that the DVD is too small.) I need to use DVD to install CentOS as my old (even powerful enough) PC does not support booting from an USB.

How old is the hardware? CentOS Stream 9 requires x86_64-v2 compatible CPUs to work, so if your hardware is older than that it won’t install.

In terms of a minimal DVD ISO, the project doesn’t create one currently. We have a boot.iso that can be used to begin a network installation. There is a CentOS Stream SIG being created around generating additional images, but I don’t believe it is up and running yet.

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Thanks for quick reply. The computer is around 10ish years old, CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2,80 GHz x 2. Where can I get boot.iso please?

For CentOS Stream, we don’t have a minimal install DVD ready yet.
Because creating one involves setting up infrastructure, which is not in my control, I currently don’t have an estimate of when we will have one.
My suggestion is to try the Alma Linux 9.0 minimal DVD.

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Thank you, I will try Alma Linux.

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