CentOS Stream Live ISO

FR: Would be nice to have Live image with CentOS Stream similar to Fedora Workstation with preinstalled desktop environment.

The AltImages SIG released last week some Gnome/KDE live images, for both x86_64 and aarch64.
Worth giving a try ? (haven’t tested these myself but saw them appearing)
@tdawson would be able to give more details around live images and eventually announce it :slight_smile:

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I was going to wait until the official announcement at CentOS Connect, but I’m fine with a little news leak.
Yes, we have released both a Gnome and KDE Live images for CentOS Stream 9. They are comparable to Fedoras Workstation (Gnome) and KDE Spin iso’s.
They can be found here.

They will be updated regularly, at least quarterly. Possibly more often, but that is still to be determined.


@tdawson and centos team, thanks for this opportunity! Should i report about Live version bugs in separate place or i could report them in regular centos bugtracker? I found some but first i want to reproduce them in non-live image and after that report.

It’s not quite set up yet (because of the ongoing accounts system outage), but bug reports will go here: Overview - centos-sig-alt-images/spin-bugs - Pagure.io

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