Minikube 1.29.0 - mysql access

Since v1.29.0 I’m getting:

Tables Create Error: Failed to read any response from the server, the underlying connection may have been lost unexpectedly.

Credentials are correct.
netstat -an |grep 3306 gives

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN

Firewall allows 3306

My set up worked previous to v1.29.0 - any ideas?

Removed server

I did switch the linux container from alpine to debian - perhaps debian needs config - researching…

Executed this:

minikube ssh
Last login: Tue Feb 27 01:52:09 2024 from
docker@minikube:~$ nc -vz host.minikube.internal 3306
Connection to host.minikube.internal 3306 port [tcp/mysql] succeeded!

Debian seems to be ok since running the app in just the docker container works.

I aged minikube to 1.26.1 and the database connection works. Where can I find docs on what is now required.

✨  Automatically selected the docker driver. Other choices: kvm2, podman, qemu2, ssh, none
❗  docker is currently using the btrfs storage driver, consider switching to overlay2 for better performance
📌  Using Docker driver with root privileges
👍  Starting control plane node minikube in cluster minikube
🚜  Pulling base image ...
🔥  Creating docker container (CPUs=2, Memory=7900MB) ...
🐳  Preparing Kubernetes v1.26.1 on Docker 20.10.23 ...     <======== old version
    ▪ kubelet.localStorageCapacityIsolation=false
    ▪ Generating certificates and keys ...
    ▪ Booting up control plane ...
    ▪ Configuring RBAC rules ...
🔗  Configuring bridge CNI (Container Networking Interface) ...
    ▪ Using image
🔎  Verifying Kubernetes components...
🌟  Enabled addons: storage-provisioner, default-storageclass
🏄  Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube" cluster and "default" namespace by default

Apparently my minikube 1.29.0 does not have the kubernetes version 1.26.3 by default(is this a fedora issue?). I guess my change was an upgrade.