Maintaining status information

@pawelzelawski brought up a good point in another thread: how should we keep up to date with status of projects in case we need to make a handoff?

I don’t think real-time meetings are particularly feasible and in any case we’d need to write stuff down anyway. So here are the two approaches I think we can take. Perhaps there are others:

  1. Maintain a file in the pgm_team repo that has key project information and regular status updates.
  2. Do basically the same thing but in a Discourse topic instead.

Option 1 makes it easier to track current and past projects (without losing them in a sea of other Discourse posts) but requires everyone to use git. Option 2 makes it really easy for others to ask questions, but that might also be a distraction.

In either case, we’ll want to have the expectation that people working on assignments will regularly communicate what they’ve been doing with the team and will update the official way of sharing updates at least once a month, or more frequently if appropriate.

An example of what a file might look like is:

cat current/

# Llama Herder team

## Basic info

* Assigned PgM: Pro Grammanger
* Team Lead: Mark Llama, Gerbil Farmer
* Team meetings: every third Tuesday except during a full moon at 0300 UTC in a telepathic connection
* Issue tracker:
* etc etc

## Updates

### 2021-05-27
* Finally got bcotton to update the Spins documentation.
* Writing Change proposal for F35

### 2021-04-27
* Started working with the team.  They are herding Llamas.
* First goal is creating a Llama Herder Spin, which is blocked on documentation

The Discourse topic would essentially be the same as above, except with comments instead of updated appended to the file.

Oh, Option 3: leave Pagure tickets open and comment in there. Again, it’s easy to find, but that also makes it impossible for the person who opened the ticket to stop receiving updates about it, even if they’re no longer involved with the team.

Personally, I think I’d prefer the file-in-a-git-repo approach just to make it easier to find things. But if the general consensus is that we should use Discussion or comments in the Pagure ticket, let’s do that.

Let’s use a poll because we can. I’ve set it to close at 4pm Eastern on Wednesday.

  • Option 1: file in a git repo
  • Option 2: Discussion topic
  • Option 3: comment on Pagure issue
  • Option 4: something else

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Looks like the votes are unanimous to have a file in a git repo. Hooray for consensus! I set up an example file and started status docs for our two assigned projects. I also added guidance to our docs (if you read this right away, it might not have built yet).

If anything is unclear or you have any questions, please ask. As with everything, this is an evolving process that we’re just starting, so I expect it to be a little rough to start.