M2 Pro GPU acceleration

Hello, I just installed Asahi Fedora 38 on a 2023 M2 Macbook Pro. I had to use the expert mode, but there were no firmware options beyond 13.5 (which it selected), so despite expert mode being used, no overriding changes were made by me. I got it installed and everything has been working fine, except I cannot get the GPU driver working and am stuck with software rendering. I was wondering if I had missed something to enable GPU acceleration, or if GPU acceleration is not on the M2 Pro at all yet.


Expert-only platforms are there because they are not complete. Once they are considered to work properly, they will be moved out of expert-only mode.

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Gotcha, has support for the M2 Pro been added to the Mesa driver? If so I will dig around and try to figure out why the driver isn’t loading, otherwise it’s just close this and wait.

Either way, thanks!

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The issue is most likely known and will probably be resolved by the next kernel and/or m1n1 update.