Amdgpu-pro drivers availability?

Hey people! I have lots of problems with my GPU (Thinkpad T495 Vega 8 Graphics):

  • no GPU used in Wine. Any games are extemely slow, using Lutris and Proton
  • no GPU in VMs, even though there is “allow virtualization” in Bios.

Would these issues be fixed using the proprietary driver?

Especially on Atomic its hard to install. There is no COPR (only partly and really old packages) and the package is not in rpmfusion.

Has anyone installed it actually? Would the problems be solved?

I found this Github repo for building the RPM, which I would try. I would then override remove the normal package and install the made one.

According to rmnscnce’s COPR you need this hacky package to make the pro driver use Mesa libraries. Sounds like a quite difficult process.

Thanks in advance!

Seems like a driver issue, but you want amdgpu, not pro.

There are packages in the regular fedora repos.

I am actually not sure if WINE issues may be because of Wayland.

VMs without GPU are a total pain, seems Intel allows that and AMD only for CPU so its horrible.