LUKS encryption prompt has wrong resoltuion after installing nvidia drivers

As the title says, the encryption prompt has a wrong resoltuin after i installed the nvidia drivers, thank you

As far as I know, when we installed Nvidia driver (at least for old Nvidia card driver), the gpu driver will only loaded when it reach the graphical target (when the booting reach login screen). Before that it only use basic frame buffer that usually use lower resolution.

For start, you could try to add video=... kernel parameter to change the frame buffer resolution, for example:

# Add kernel parameter.
sudo grubby --args="video=1024x768" --update-kernel=ALL

# Remove kernel parameter.
sudo grubby --remove-args="video=1024x768" --update-kernel=ALL

Please note that not all resolution combinations will works.

You could also try following this steps (please read all the discussions there).