Lowering priority of rpm-ostree service daemon in Silverblue

I have an old Trusty thinkpad T420 I’m using with SilverBlue on Fedora 37. Everytime I open it out of sleep mode rpm-ostree runs, and runs for a while. I don’t mind so much, but I’d like to just have the daemon start nice at a lower priority.

The Problem is of course that the service files on the base image are immutable so you can’t change the service file for rpm-ostreed.service

Other than manually doing it myself on every cold boot is there a way to effect this change permanently?

Mana and Thanks to any help!

Hello @danathar ,
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The services configuration are stored in /etc/ which is mutable in fact. So you should just be able to create a systemd service for it as per usual step’s.

I thought that was only for new services? If I create a service file there it overrides the one on the immutable side?

If by that you mean it is stored in /usr/lib/ or another immutable subdir of /usr you could use rpm-ostree usroverlay. Please take the time to look at it’s help rpm-ostree usroverlay --help

Will do. You have been very helpful! Thank you!

This is a feature of systemd (and hopefully more and and more software in the future — it’s a good pattern). Docs here: Understanding and administering systemd :: Fedora Docs

You’re welcome

I think there are some systemd services that (in Silverblue and similar) currently get overwritten by what is in /usr/lib/<??> but I could be wrong in that, so if I am please correct me for the users sake.

That is very helpful. Sigh…good
Lord if I just thought to RTFM! Thanks for pointing that out.