Lost KDE Input (Keyboard Layout) Switcher

On one of three computers that I use, all of which have Fedora 34 KDE (Scientific), I have lost the input switcher for keyboard layouts. Within the Plasma settings, I still have my multiple layouts listed, but there is no tray icon and the keyboard shortcuts do not switch layouts.

Does anyone have any insight as to what I could do to try to manually (re)start the input switcher and/or start troubleshooting? I haven’t managed to find documentation that helps in this regard.

So I didn’t find the exact answer to this, but I fixed the problem in a fast, kludgy way by creating a new, non-privileged user account, adding the keyboard layouts, and then copying over the hidden files in that home directory to my own, then deleting the new account. Everything works now.

Your fix seems to have worked. While it may have been difficult to identify which specific (hidden) config file caused the problem, it seems obvious that one of them had incorrect values and your method fixed it.

In the future consider that in general most of the hidden files and directories contain app specific data, and usually are named for the app they are related to. If you can identify which ones apply to the app you are having problems with it becomes trivial to move the faulty config out of the way and allow the app itself to create a new default config the next time it is used.

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Yes, I understand what you are saying. The problem is that I could not identify the name or specific location of whatever governed the keyboard switcher, hence the creating of a minimal set of settings via a new user - the goal being to not include anything other than the most basic default settings at account initialization and nothing pertaining to specific applications that I have installed and configured.