How to get the right keyboard layout


Could someone explain how the keyboard layouts are meant to work these days? My old xorg.conf knowledge isn’t much use any more.

When I recently got a new laptop with a fresh Fedora install I thought I’d do the settings “right” from the start. (My older machines have been subject to much tweaking.)

The laptop has a Swedish keyboard. I’m using SDDM as login manager and KDE’s Plasma on Wayland as desktop environment. Localectl says the locale is sv_SE.UTF-8, and VC Keymap and X11 Layout are both se.

When I create a new clean account on this system, it gives me a US keyboard layout. In the system tray there is an “EN” symbol, which one could have thought was the keyboard layout in effect, but clicking it only gives one option: English (US). I’ve later come to believe this is connected to the IBus.

By random clicking around in the system settings I’ve been able to change the layout for each account I’ve created. But what would have been the correct way? What should I do on a system level for a new account to automatically know the keyboard has a Swedish layout?

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May I ask how you’re creating a new user on the system?
My default keyboard is the ch one and I added a new user using the User Manager in the KDE system settings. The new user than also had a ch keyboard.

I found some information regarding keyboard configurations here:

The part about setting the keymap might be useful.

I used the useradd command. But that does not seem make any difference. I now created yet another command using the GUI tool I believe you refer to, searching for “user” in the menu. That account too gets a US layout. It must be something else I’m missing.

I read the page you referred to, but I didn’t find anything new. It was mainly about localectl. As I mentioned above, both VC Keymap and X11 Layout already says “se” (Sweden).

I suppressed all these issue buying an english keyboard :grinning: