Looks Like There Isn't A Way To Play Android Games On Fedora!

When im searching for this question at internet Fedora users saying me download anbox,genymotion,waydroid etc. However From this point on, I stop getting help for the problems I will encounter.I noticed that I haven’t seen any fedora user that playing games on the internet anyway. There are only basic applications (like whatsapp, youtube).The Strange thing here is that this question is answered in the affirmative and you are not enough to help people with the problems they encounter later. Im still looking for problem here and I hope I can meet someone who has solved it.If i don’t get help here too, of course not being able to play android games on fedora will be a minus for me.

But my real disappointment will be, if there was such a thing, you will not be honest at first. Instead of being honest in your the topic you are unsuccessful, instead of stall people

If this issue is not resolved I am already encountering a problem oftenly and it is not easy to find a solution at this operation. I was more comfortable in windows. You are behind. Not because you not rape on people’ private information, Not because you recognise to them freedom. You are behind because users are not comfortable, you are behind because the problems they encounter and finding the solution is difficult.This is almost the main reason why you lost your battle aganist windows,freedom violators.

Anyways I didnt lose my hope.Fedora is an operation system that is still in development.I still give you a chance. But I would like to ; If nothing is done, mention that I am thinking of switching to windows!

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