Which 3rd party apps do Fedorables use?

Hey Folks,

Recently one of our veteran contributor @ngompa discussed the possibility of testing 3rd party apps in Fedora.
A lot of us do use many 3rd party apps and in many cases, these apps functioning correctly drives the decision of me upgrading early in the cycle or waiting it out. I have opened up a QA ticket and I urge all of you to write a few of your favourite apps, that you want us to write test cases for and actually run them on test days for F39.


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This seems like a good question for the annual Fedora Survey. (@bookwar, @jflory7)


Our current questions are available at Fedora Contributor Annual Survey :: Fedora Docs

@sumantrom If you have ideas on the wording you can send merge requests on Pagure:


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I had a look at the ticket. I think it will become quite messy once
people reply with all kinds of software and confirming existing mentions.

How about putting it to a poll here on Discussion and add the poll
result to the ticket? Of course, doing it in the survey as suggested by
@mattdm will also work.

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Free-form ticket is a good opportunity to get the initial set of things which we can then turn into the choices in the survey question.

Practice shows that it is a much better approach to create the list of choices than when one person tries to come up with such a list alone. (Like when I forgot to add Ruby to the list of common Programming languages :slight_smile: )

So I think in about a week we should look into the ticket answers and collect 5-10 most mentioned items and then add the question to the survey.

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Personally: Steam, Spotify, Bitwarden, LibreOffice, Putty, Wireshark

What I suspect are the most popular: Chrome, VS Code, Discord, VLC, Zoom, Telegram, etc