How to play android games on waydroid, fedora 36

All right i was have a problem about anbox and finally i setup a different android system to fedora.its called waydroid. now i want play some android games on it.i searched and there is an app called “aurora store” i looked into that but some games not avaliable on it.How can i play android games on waydroid or how to download play fedora proffessionals help

Please check Manual:

Install and Run Android Applications - Waydroid

bro this didnt help me. Let’s say I want to play clash of clans. how will it be? can you show me the way

  1. it is a app from copr
  2. the problem is not Fedora, you are running a container.
  3. did you read the link ?

Note that the Google Play Store will not work as is, because it relies on the proprietary Google Play Services, which are not installed.

The apk files you will sometimes find on the internet tend to only have arm support, and will therefore not work on x86_64.

Thanks aniway to post it here, waydroid is till today the fastest an best solution I saw to run android apps on Linux.

Thanks man you are writing to me help and you looks like a wellknowledgeable guy.i dont know english well but i understood what u said probably.then im refreshing my question.How can i play android games on fedora 36 have my ear sir.At waydroid i installed google play services+google play store and play store app doesnt opening still.

I think you can use xtmapper for keymapping