Linux Kernel Runtime Guard useful?

Hi Fedora community ,

LKRG peaked my interest and now I am wondering has anybody had any experience with the said Kernal module using Fedora ?

Do you have any specific questions or concerns about it?

Does it make sense to install LKRG ? Would a Fedora system benefit / are there any drawbacks ?

To be honest, since Fedora already ships SELinux (some other distros, such as Ubuntu, do not by default), I don’t see any obvious benefits to adding it to Fedora and a quick search shows that they don’t always play well together. It’s your system, of course, so there’s nothing stopping you from running your own kernel or modules if you think it might benefit or interest you in some way.

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Thank you for the honest answer. I thought as much but I like to hear what other people have to say. SELinux once again proves it’s awesome.

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