LTS kernels in the main repos

I know this has been discussed in Reddit before, but I strongly believe having rhe option to install an LTS kernel (as is the case for Arch) would be a really nice addition to the Fedora ecosystem and increase greatly the possibilities of the distro in regards to external modules/out of tree drivers support.

The kernel is a very central part of a Linux distro, it doesn’t seem very coherent (to me) to not update Gnome from 42 to 43 in Fedora 36 but update the kernel from 5.17 to 6.0.11. In that regard, it feels like Fedora is behaving like a staged rolling release for the kernel versions. Not to say I am against that model, but I feel at least an LTS kernel would be a much better choice than asking people to hold their kernel packages o always pick the oldest of your 3 kernel entries installed.

I understand Fedora’s goal is to promote open source, but one of the metrics is, probably, adoption. And to that purpose, I believe having an LTS kernel would provide strength where Fedora currently has weaknesses.

I agree, 100%. It would be great to have an LTS option in the repos. I always keep an LTS kernel installed from a COPR and I have used it more than once.

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