Fedora LTS version

Fedora need a LTS version, i suggest 5 year a LTS release.

No much more changes made. But a stable and strong linux desktop version

I like ubuntu LTS version, It’s stable and strong .

Fedora really powerful, But quite move fast.

We can not match your step.
You changes very soon.

I can’t keep the way to follow.

The current support policy, only support for one year , it’s not good .
You force user to upgrade to latest version.
It’s not the right way.

If you do not want user to use fedora. They will go to use other Distro, like debian/ubuntu.

If no user, why you continue develop Fedora?

Burning money? just for funny?

Hi netroby,

We do not necessarly aim to fit everyone’s use-case. I am very happy with Fedora on my laptop, and it’s true that I usually don’t use it on servers due to the short-ish release cycle… but that’s fine!

Fedora is backed by humans (some of them are employed by Red Hat, but there’s also a lot of individual contributors in the community! This relationship is a bit complicated, but I’d like to think we get the best of both worlds.), and maintaining the quality of release/distribution over a long period of time takes takes a lot of resources: it’s easier said than done. We’ve been using this release cycle for years and as far as I know are still alive and kicking: we do have users, we love them and I suppose they love us back.

So: if you need a distribution with a longer-term support, go for debian/ubuntu (or CentOS/openSUSE/upcoming RockyLinux/etc. in the RPM world). It’s not like we’re in bad term with our neighbors. Our ‘way’ is not The Way, but with all due respect, neither is yours: both are fine, why should there be one superior to all others?

If no user, why you continue develop Fedora?
Burning money? just for funny?

For the time being, I’ll continue putting time in Fedora for fun and many other reasons. I’d suggest you take a look at Fedora’s mission statement and principles: Fedora’s Mission and Foundations :: Fedora Docs