Fedora Long Term Support

If CentOS does not longer provides LTS, maybe Fedora should do it.

Don’t think so, but i see news about clone of centos: rockylinux.org

Also you can try Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux: A better alternative to CentOS


CentOS Stream should fit well enough for most cases:

The spirit of Fedora is not to be LTS. IMHO if you use Fedora you should be open to fast pace, innovations, new features, updates. LTS is something extraneous to Fedora.


CentOS Stream will have a maintenance period of about six years (Starting before each RHEL major release and extending five years after). Even if we wanted to (see @alciregi’s point!) and were able to extend the Fedora lifecycle (it’s hard on volunteers!), I can’t see us working on extending it beyond that. Long OS lifecycle is tedious, thankless work.

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Six years for CentOS Stream is a lot. I did not knew that is will be so long. I thought that it will be like Fedora, that You need upgrade every year or so. I understand that maintaining bug fixes for old packages is difficult. I’m happy with my Fedora on workstation. Upgrading servers is different and is sometimes difficult (depends on applications you use). If you however have some server farm, maybe Ansible could help there. I’m not sure.

Yeah, people kind of freaked out and lots of incomplete and incorrect panic information was flying around.


If CentOS does not longer provides LTS, maybe Fedora should do it.

Fedora’s upgrade process is robust. I feel no need for LTS.