Libreoffice Opening/Saving files taking almos 40 seconds

Tested it on both writer and calc, tried opening and saving a practically empty file and would take about 40 seconds to do either.

That’s strange.
A fresh installation of Fedora?
Have you been using LibO before? Perhaps you may need a fresh user-config folder

Really strange. Its a fresh install, I already tried removing the contents in ~/.config/libreoffice and reinstalling it, but it didn’t work.

And LibO is the only application where opening or saving a file has this delay? Is it waiting for some network or remote mount to respond?

Can you try the containerized flatpak LibO from flathub and compare?

@florrian Thanks for trying to help, today it just worked, I’m not sure why though ahaha I’ve been trying to install my nvidia drivers and tried running wayland with nvidia, and now I’m using Xorg, the only major change I did.